Meet the people behind #gettingtheterracedone – part 6

The latest in our ‘Meet the CLT members’ series, who are #gettingtheterracedone. This week, introducing Paul Kelly – with a wonderful illustration by Carol Ramsey

“My name is Paul & I’ve been the Company Secretary for Homebaked CLT since its inception in 2012, but I’ll be standing down at this year’s AGM to let new blood help shape the organisation into the future. Homebaked CLT has come a long way in the last 8 years and people have worked so hard to get the organisation to this stage.
Community Land Trusts enable people in communities like Anfield to be in the driving seat and to push back against external forces impacting on their neighbourhoods. Anfield has faced the toughest of times over the past 20 years or so, but the CLT’s unique approach to neighbourhood renewal is one which puts people in control. Some CLTs focus on shops and pubs, some focus on housing, but all put local people at the heart of the process – and Homebaked CLT is doing just that: Homebaked CLT wants to revitalise the high street, providing re-modelled homes and community business spaces that are owned by the community and which enable people and businesses to thrive.
Our anchor tenant, Homebaked Co-operative Bakery, demonstrates what Homebaked CLT is all about: an independent co-operative business, the bakery has been able to flourish partly because of the flexible support Homebaked CLT has been able to offer it – and now it’s a truly inspiring business. This is only the start of what the people of Anfield can create for themselves – and 2021 is going to be a big year for the organisation!
#gettingtheterracedone will see the empty homes attached to the bakery converted into 8 new homes and 3 new community business spaces. What community businesses could you see alongside the bakery in the refurbished buildings? Homegrown Collective will be one such business – but what else could work for the Anfield community? A co-operative chippie, a collective barber shop, an art gallery, a people’s run Post Office or a super veg shop? Homebaked CLT needs the creativity of local people to breathe life into the high street.
In my new roles as board member of the National Community Land Trust Network and as Director of Breaking Ground Housing Hub for the Liverpool City Region, I’ll continue to do everything I can to help Homebaked CLT flourish!”


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