Vision & Values

Our vision & values
We are a community led organisation with a scalable, sustainable and creative approach to community ownership.

We believe that together, as local people, we shape and own our social, cultural and economic future.

Oakfield Terrace is our latest contribution to making Anfield and Everton a vibrant place to live, work and play.

How we work
On the back of what has happened in our neighbourhood, but also in the wider context of citizens being pushed into simply being service users of the places they live in, the process of how we plan, imagine, design, negotiate and make decisions together is incredibly important. For us the ‘how we work together’ becomes just as important, as what we actually make together.

Some of the main questions that have guided us in this process over the years are:
– What does it mean to live well, for us here?
– How can we take matters into our own hands and be taken seriously as experts of our place?
– How can we create local value that benefits as big and diverse a group of local people as possible?
– How can we protect the value we create long-term?

We acknowledge local expertise as key to planning, design and development – and we invite other expertise to the table (such as architecture, finance and environmental sustainability) and respect it. For us, there is no hierarchy of expertise.

Throughout the development of Homebaked, our strategy has always been wherever possible, to manifest our ideas in physical form – through a process of doing and learning together. Taking this approach means we can explore, showcase and nurture local potential, enable self-initiative, build capacity and ultimately help build a sustainable neighbourhood for ourselves and each other.