Hilary Dyer – Board member

My background is in helping young people meet their unmet needs; I was formerly a youth worker and counsellor, developing services such as self-directing user groups – from an eating disorders group, supported accommodation, an alternative education project and a needle exchange. I now work at Millvina house, just behind Homebaked Bakery, a 50+ bed dementia care home with many Anfield residents.
I grew up on Oakfield Rd in the 1960s and I love what the CLT wants to do in reviving the area and bringing it to meet 21st century standards, bringing together young & old in a community setting. Meeting the needs of my local community is very much part of my working agenda as a board member and to do that my drive is to get the community together, to listen and then respond.


Ralph Bullivant – board member

I have worked as a solicitor in Liverpool for 25 years. I was asked to join the board of Homebaked as it was felt there was a need for legal expertise, and I hoped that my experience would help the CLT achieve its objectives – to preserve the building where the bakery is based and […]

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Tom Murphy – Secretary

I was born and raised in Anfield, and proud to still call it home. I joined the CLT Board back in Autumn 2018 as I wanted to get more involved in improving my community. I believe that local people are best placed to make things happen in their communities. I describe myself as a ‘Jack […]

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Kate Ellison – Board member

I grew up in Anfield, living in Granton Road and Oakfield as a child and buying my first house in St. Davids Road as an adult. I loved growing up in Anfield, but I have also experienced firsthand it being ‘done to’ and the impact this had on the area and its communities.I learned about […]

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