Britt Jurgensen – Board member

I live just off Oakfield Rd and have been involved with Homebaked since the early days – 2011, when I arrived with the plan to make a home, to meet people and find a way to belong where I live. I am a founding member of the bakery cooperative and supported the early years of the development. I’ve worked within Homebaked CLT as an artist, directed the Anfield Home Tour, co-created the Thing on the Rec, hosted fantastic local artists and helped to keep creative processes part of our DNA. I also worked for the CLT for many years as the engagement person, co-developing the community-led design work we have been doing. I feel very proud that we have gotten this far and want to ensure that we have full community ownership of the land, making sure we continue to create the place we want to live in with all the security, comfort and love we need and deserve.


Ralph Bullivant – board member

I have worked as a solicitor in Liverpool for 25 years. I was asked to join the board of Homebaked as it was felt there was a need for legal expertise, and I hoped that my experience would help the CLT achieve its objectives – to preserve the building where the bakery is based and […]

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Tom Murphy – Secretary

I was born and raised in Anfield, and proud to still call it home. I joined the CLT Board back in Autumn 2018 as I wanted to get more involved in improving my community. I believe that local people are best placed to make things happen in their communities. I describe myself as a ‘Jack […]

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Kate Ellison – Board member

I grew up in Anfield, living in Granton Road and Oakfield as a child and buying my first house in St. Davids Road as an adult. I loved growing up in Anfield, but I have also experienced firsthand it being ‘done to’ and the impact this had on the area and its communities.I learned about […]

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