The Anfield Home Tour wins Liverpool Post Arts Award

Not only did we win an award, they also made up a special category just for us!

Special award
‘It’s hard to put this winner in a single category – is it art, theatre, documentary? – so
we’ve created an award especially for it. Part of the Liverpool Biennial contemporary art
festival, the Anfield Home Tour used the residents’ experiences to tell the story of
housing in the area on a bus tour. Written by novelist Deborah Morgan and theatre
maker Britt Jurgensen, it was full of cheeky Scouse humour, lump in the throat
moments, tea and cake, while making a serious political point. It should be compulsory
for all local politicians – heck, it should be compulsory for everyone.’

Read the full selection here


Homebaked CLT in the Financial Times

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People Power Vol.2 is here!

People Power vol. 2 is a publication created by members of Homebaked CLT, local organisation and residents and with contributions from across Liverpool and beyond. Inspired by A Homebaked Kinda Day in February 2021 we explore what it means to live, work and play well in a complex and challenging world. In this issue of […]

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What are Community Shares?

Gearing up for our community share offer – a great way for people to invest in the things they believe in and have a democratic say over the business – we learned from our advisor Jo Bird everything you need to know about this great cooperative financial tool. Do you want to find out more? […]

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