Meet the people behind #gettingtheterracedone – part 14

The latest in our ‘Meet the CLT Board’ series focusses on Peter Coleby – our numbers person! Here’s Peter in his own words…

“I’m the CLT accountant & deal with the external auditors: I’ve been an accountant for 22 years & went straight into accountancy from sixth form, working in practice with clients & now in industry with private companies. (I’m also married with two kids!)

Although I grew up in Bootle, I lived in Anfield for a number of years when I was younger & became involved with the CLT – partly for selfish reasons: I wanted to help improve the area but I also wanted to broaden my horizons, meet new people & develop myself. However, Homebaked really opened my eyes when I saw the skills, qualities and passion of the community and how local people were given a voice to represent the area: the CLT educated me – and now I enjoy being part of the team, where we all bring in something different for the common good.

My wish for the future of the CLT is to see the build flourish and ideally for the CLT to have a fully employed team of people working for the organisation, with a tangible asset for the community as a ‘finished product’.”


Cosy Homes Club: DIY Draughtproofing with Carbon Coop

Written by Tom Doubtfire, Cosy Homes Club Citizen researcher Last week we were joined at Kitty’s Launderette by Laurence and Lorenza from Carbon Co-op (, for our DIY Draughtproofing workshop. We learnt that around 15% of heat loss is from draughts. There is a difference between draughts and ventilation as well: a draught is classed […]

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Cosy Homes Club: Capacity building with our local team

After recruiting a team of local Energy Champions and Citizen Researchers, our first collective training workshop was held in an appropriately cosy room at Everton In the Community, just before Christmas. We begin by sitting down together for lunch for a chance to chat and get to know each other a little, and then spent […]

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Our 2023 Annual Report

Read our 2023 Annual Report below, or download it here.

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