Just adjacent to Oakfield Terrace is a small piece of green that has captured our imagination for some time; it connects the High Street to ‘The Rec’ (the green space behind the terrace) and has heavily featured in our ‘Thing on the Rec’ activities as a space for market stalls. Inspired by the many stories and contributions we heard from local residents, we began a mini-landscaping design and build process for the space, transforming it into several iterations of use, which now remain with us as desires and visions for a more permanent development.

The development process has been driven by the group that formed as part of the ‘Thing on the Rec’ commission, ‘Homefarm’: this is now the community business start-up ‘Homegrown Collective’ and is supported by Homebaked CLT.

In collaboration we have held several landscaping and horticulture courses and, in the process, activated the square as a place for growing, playing and get-togethers.’Why don’t you grow hops?’ someone said – and this is how Homegrown Collective started brewing.

We would like this space to be integrated into Oakfield Terrace as a public square, with the potential for more permanent market stalls, events and places for people to meet for a chat or to spend some quiet time.


Photos: Mark Loudon, Andrea Ku, Britt Jurgensen; Design sketch: Nicolas Henninger


Oakfield Terrace – Build your own High Street

The Oakfield Terrace is Homebaked CLT’s current main focus. We are transforming the terrace adjacent to the bakery building into an innovative and highly energy efficient mixed-use high street scheme owned by the community. Link to the full scheme is here. The site Attached to our neighbourhood bakery (197-199 Oakfield Rd) which is located in a […]

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The Art of Homebaked

Arts and creative practice weave through the work that we do at Homebaked CLT, may it be in the objects and site specific events we create, how we tell our stories or how we engage in the process of imagining – a home, a space, a way of being together.With a grant from the Arts […]

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Flat above the bakery

With the support of Power to Change, Homebaked CLT was able to refurbish the flat above the bakery at 195 – 197 Oakfield Rd. This refurbishment included very importantly the replacement of the roof on the entire building. Photo: Mark Loudon The flat hadn’t been lived in for over 50 years, so the work needed […]

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