A Homebaked kinda day … 27th February 2021

Liverpool City Region’s Community Led Housing Hub, Breaking Ground, launches with a community led housing festival from 20th-28th February 2021.

Homebaked CLT is pleased to be contributing four events to the Breaking Ground Festival on Saturday 27th February. Each event is rooted in the values at the heart of our terrace and community, discussing the right to housing, the future of our high streets, sustainability in practice and our creative DNA. National and international friends join us to share their stories to inspire and explore the possible for Anfield, Everton & beyond.

Saturday 27th February

The neighbourhood as incubator


With stories from Liverpool, Oslo and Plymouth we’re looking at the neighbourhood as places of encounter and empowerment and asking what ownership means, and how we might build our own economies to best serve our community.

Hosted by Andrew Beattie from Wordscape, Ethos Magazine and Homebaked CLT member.

With guests …

Sarah Prosser from Toyen Unlimited
Hannah Sloggett from Nudge Community Builders
Grace Harrison from Kitty’s Launderette

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Talking homes


In this session we will hear about citizens taking matters into their own hands regarding the right to housing and how these kind of collective struggles can create momentum for local people to shape and govern their places in more equitable and democratic ways.

Hosted by Britt Jurgensen, Homebaked co-creator

With guests …

Gala Pin from Barcelona en comu
Jess Steele from Hastings Commons
Nina Scott and Emer Morris from You Should See The Other Guy theatre

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Local responses to climate change


In this session we’ll explore some of the challenges facing neighbourhoods in the context of climate change – not abstract notions of things happening in far off lands and seas, but impacts that can be felt here and now, and how the shift to ‘zero carbon’ might affect our lives . We’ll discuss how we might respond to these challenges at a range of scales – through changes to the physical infrastructure of our buildings and streets, and the role of communities in shaping these practices and building resilience.

Hosted by Marianne Heaslip, Homebaked CLT architect

With …

Helen Grimshaw from URBED

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Arts as DNA


The session is rooted in a long standing practice of using the arts in the process of imagining and manifesting more just, equitable and caring neighbourhoods. This work weaves through the development of Homebaked and many other durational practices that sustain communities who fight for the right to live well.

Hosted by Jeanne van Heeswijk, artist and Homebaked CLT board member and Sam Jones, artist and Homebaked co-creator

With guests …

Rick Lowe from Project Row Houses
Fiona Whelan, artist
Amahra Spence from MAIA

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Event concept and curation: Britt Jurgensen, Homebaked CLT
Producer: Naomi Cull


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