Catching-up with Homebaked building trainees

What have you been up to since we last met up?

Bradley: In the past week we’ve knocked down the wall in front of the flat door and bakery and have been sanding and preparing some wood planks to make into wooden bricks for the wall.

David: The wall is going to be a nice feature outside the flat with planters built into it. We’ve been staining the wood and it’s a long process because they’re all different sizes. They can’t be a millimeter out to make it work.

We also made some workbenches in the process and tables to put the plane on for the container.

How does it feel to see the work you’ve done so far finished?

Bradley: It’s boss. Without the harris fencing around the square, it looks completely different. The wood chipping is all down.

Have you seen anyone using the square yet as you’ve been working?

Bradley: Yeah, Larry and his dog. Ever since we started working on the square we used to see him and his dog walk past and he always had a big smile on his face and even his dog looks like he’s smiling. So I said, ‘he’s as happy as Larry him’ and now that’s what he’s called.

David: Yeah and another guy turned up who had about 6 different accents with a lizard on his back. He called it a lady dragon.

What are you hoping to see on the square?

Bradley: Just people using it.

David: Anyone really. People just going there to read would be nice.

Bradley: It’s good the way we use it. We have our lunch their sometimes. The other week when there were no seats in the cafe we grabbed lunch and ate it there.

They’re going to do yoga in there too soon.

David: Yeah, there are a few classes in there now.

How does it feel at the opening?

Bradley: It was good. It was a relief to see everyone there and using the space. I liked the square but I only really started to see it come together a couple of days before when we were putting the finishing touches on it.

Where is your favourite bit of the space?

David: The structure itself, ‘the thing’. We’ve spent most of our time there and we’ve even used it as a workshop. It’s been great to use when it’s been raining.

Bradley: When the weather is a bit better the area by the planters on the decking. A couple of weeks ago after the opening when Paul and Leanne had gone off to work on something, and I sat minding the side and it was nice to sit there. It’d be a great place to do book readings for kids.

And the Oakfield Road No Crust Sandwich Club could meet on the decking.

What has been the biggest thing you’ve learned so far?

Bradley: The most interesting part for me has been putting the balcony up. It was challenging and once you’d figured it out it was great. Repointing was great to learn too.

David: The general joinery stuff for me. Learning what side of the wood to cut on, the angles and the thickness of the blade you need. Just the basics that you wouldn’t know existed before – there’s a lot to it.

What are you looking forward to that you have coming up?

Bradley: Getting into the flat to do the finishing touches.

We’re doing the floors and making a big dining table and benches.

David: It’ll be great to see it when it’s finished and think, ‘we’ve done that and really contributed to the project’.

Bradley: It’ll be great to see who moves in. It’s going to be a lovely flat.

David: I really want the people that have moved in to learn about the story of how it came together and the journey that people have been on putting it together for them.

How have you dealt with any setbacks along the way?

David: I think they challenge you to get your thinking cap on and think, ‘whats the alternative?’

Bradley: When you get a setback, you have to think about what you have to do next and once you’ve done it I feel great.

David: It’s been great to see Paul come up with solutions to things as we’ve gone on too. He’s done that a lot.

Bradley: With Homebaked, we’ve been treated on the same level as everybody else. It’s been a team effort.


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