Pie Awards 2018

mar. '18
We are doing a very happy dance in the bakery this morning. Two of our pies have placed in the top three pies at the British Pie Awards and we have been invited to the Awards Lunch in Melton Mowbray ( where we also find out how many medals we’ve won).

Tomorrow Luke & Stephan will be heading south again to see if we produce the best Vegetarian Pie or the best Sports Pie in the country.

We are so delighted that our little community-owned bakery in Anfield is up there with some of the biggest pie producers in the country. Just proves that you can do business in a different way.


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Bradley's guide to sanding and finishing a floor

dec. '17
So, you want to make your floorboards a nice feature in your house and ditch the carpets? Well, this is how you do it.

1. Remove any nails that are sticking up out the flooring with a nail punch to stop the sandpaper from tearing whilst using the drum sander.
2. Remove all debris from the floor.
3. Use various levels of grit on the sandpaper, 24, 36, 40 and 80, and sand against the grain. Use floor and edge sanders.
4. Hoover in between each different grade of grit to pick up debris and sawdust.
5. Apply your first coat of varnish.
6. Apply varnish coat number 2.
7. Using a 450 grit sandpaper, sand the floor in the direction of the grain.
8. Use a damp rag to wipe excess dust off the floor.
9. Apply the final coat of varnish to the floor.
10. Stand back and admire your handy work.

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Bradley's guide to making a table

dec. '17
What you need:

- Table saw
- 1 sheet of 9mm ply
- 1 sheet of 12mm ply
- 1 sheet of 18mm ply
- Rollers
- PVA glue
- 10 sash clamps
- 40/80/120/240 grit sanding paper
- Orbital sander
- Planer
- Skill saw
- Square straight edge
- Clear yacht varnish
- Paintbrushes
- 4 hairpin legs (bought)
- 20 screws
- Wooden drill bit
- Drill
- Copper spraypaint

What to do:

* Using the table saw, rip down the ply into 55mm rips.
* Decide a pattern you want to place the different thicknesses of ply in to
* Dry fit the pieces and make sure its the size you want your table
* Set up a tray of PVA glue and a roller
* Set up half of the clamps with equal spaces.
* Glue the inside side of the rips
* Place them in the clamps and push together, be quick before the glue drys
* In the spaces in between the clamps, place the remaining clamps on the top side of the wood.
* Leave the table in the clamps for approximately 12-24 hours.
* Take the table out the clamps and plane it until it is flat
* Sand the table with the orbital sander starting with 40 grit then 60 and then 80, always going with the grain.
* Brush off excess dust in between each grit
* Set up a straight edge across the end of the table.
* Using the skill saw cut a straight edge across the both ends
* Go over the table and the sharp points with a sanding block and the 240 grit.
* Brush off excess dust and your ready to varnish
* Take your table in a dust free room and apply 1st coat of clear yacht varnish.
* The dry time is 2-4 hours before reapplying another coat.
* De-nib with the 240 grit in between coats.
* Apply approx 4 coats, depending on how you want the finish
* Spray the hairpin legs with the copper spray paint in a well ventilated space.
* Measure the same distance from each corner and pilot drill holes for the fixings for the legs
* Once the legs are on. The table is done! (This applies if you’ve pre-bought legs which we did).

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Become a tenant with Homebaked Community Land Trust!

mar. '18
Beautiful room in high spec shared flat, just opposite Liverpool Football Club and above a bakery and cafe!

Homebaked Community Land Trust is looking for four tenants for our first four bedroom shared apartment. It’s newly refurbished to a very high standard, furnished with a modern and stylish feel. In addition to 4 double bedrooms, there are a number of shared rooms

· kitchen/diner

· living room

· utility room/store (with washing machine and dryer)

· 2 bath/shower rooms

· Snug/study

Rent is £ 200 per month, plus an additional service charge for utilities. DSS accepted.

The apartment is located above the award winning Homebaked Cooperative Bakery, opposite Liverpool football club, with excellent public transport connections to the City Centre, and in walking distance of two fantastic parks – Stanley Park and Everton Park.

The landlord is Homebaked Community Land Trust, a community organisation set up and run by local people to develop and manage homes and other assets.

We welcome applications from individuals and or groups. To apply please contact North West Housing Services - John.McGuigan@nwhousing.org.uk or phone 0151 726 2200 to ask for an application form.

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British Pie Week

mar. '18
Today is the beginning of British Pie week and we will be celebrating in style. Tomorrow we submit this years entries to the British Pie awards. Why not call in the bakery and treat yourself to one of our very special pies and help us invest in our community. We believe in the Power of Pie ❤️


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Homebaked Community Land Trust is recruiting

oct. '17
Role: Development and Project Manager

Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT)

Fixed term: 1 year (re-negotiable)

Part time: 10 hours per week, 25 per hour (flexible, with potential to grow)
Based at Homebaked, 197-199 Oakfield Road, Anfield, Liverpool L4 0UF

This role is for someone passionate about community-led development with exceptional organisational development and fundraising skills,
who’s seeking a new challenge to work with a diverse group of people to realise an ambitious community-led vision for their neighbourhood.

To apply for the role, please send your CV, letter of application and references to Paul.1.kelly@btinternet.com by Sunday 10th December 2017.

Background and Application:

Located just opposite Liverpool Football Club, Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT) was established in 2012 as a way of collectively confronting the challenging issues of economic decline and housing demolition facing our neighbourhood and our city. Homebaked is one of the first urban CLTs in the UK and distinctive in being about more than just housing. We work closely with Homebaked co-op bakery as our tenant and partner in a wider programme of neighbourhood revitalisation. We are currently putting the finishing touches on our first homes, a four bedroom shared housing scheme above the bakery, renovated through the work of local young people on our apprenticeship programme. We are creating the neighbourhood’s first new public space in decades, HomeSquare, for use by local residents, and putting together an exciting programme of cultural events. This is just the start of a collective journey we have initiated with a diverse range of people from across the area and beyond.

Our vision is for a healthy and vibrant neighbourhood, with a thriving local economy and co-designed housing and revitalised public spaces that are owned and managed by the community. We see Homebaked CLT as the catalyst for that vision – acting as a steward of common land and assets; an anchor for sustainable economic development; a hub for social activities and support; and a platform for enabling residents to communicate with each other, experiment with new ideas and govern their neighbourhood collectively.

Participation, art and wellbeing have always been the unifying threads running through our approach. Homebaked began as a participatory arts project in the 2010 Liverpool Biennial called 2Up2Down, which invited local young people to reimagine terraced housing, beginning with the simple question: what does it mean to live well? Our work is based on the simple belief that we all deserve to live well. For us that means good jobs, secure homes, great food and beautiful public spaces to meet, create, share stories, learn and celebrate together.

Purpose of the role
We are now looking for a Development and Project Manager to help us take the next step forward in our journey, as we seek to reimagine and redevelop the larger terraced site adjoining the bakery into affordable, community-owned housing and incubation space for social entrepreneurs and community businesses, as well as make new plans further afield.

We need someone with the vision and aptitude for organisational development, who can work with us to develop our wider strategy and business plan for future development; someone who can help us translate that plan into reality and match the needs and aspirations of the people who live and work here.

The role will involve developing a fully-costed programme of future capital build projects and securing the funding required to deliver them. It will not initially or necessarily entail the management and delivery of these projects, but could potentially evolve into this next stage if the role proves successful.

The purpose of the role will be to work up a strategic business plan for the next phases(s) of development in close collaboration with the community-led Board of Directors, who you will report to, and also our Community Engagement Officer, who promotes participatory co-production throughout all our projects and activities.


The role falls broadly into two areas:

Organisational Development and Project Management:

Work with the Board to develop and deliver a business plan that reflects our vision.
Review all existing vision statements, business plans, annual reports and other documents and translate them into a single development plan to be approved by the Board.
Develop a full-costed programme of capital projects in consultation with the Board and community.
Work closely with the Community Engagement Officer to embed principles and practices of co-production and community participation throughout the development programme.
Provide information to the Board to monitor progress and make informed decisions, and support and facilitate Board meetings and good governance objectives.

Finance and fundraising:

Identify resource, partnership and investment opportunities.
Review CLT finances and identify new revenue streams.
Make applications for revenue and capital funding as necessary.
Work with the Treasurer to manage the overall CLT budget and individual project budgets and ensure appropriate records are maintained.
Work with the Treasurer to set and monitor financial objectives, prepare and run the organisation’s annual budget and project budgets, monitor expenditure and variances, and initiate corrective actions.

Experience, Skills and Aptitudes:

We are looking for someone with exceptional organisational development, fundraising and business planning skills alongside a passionate commitment and keen interest in working with grassroots groups in one of the most innovative community-led projects in the UK. We are looking for someone who ‘gets it’ – who sees the value of what we are trying to achieve and can turn the aspirations of a community into a physical reality and involve us all along the way.

Homebaked CLT is at a critical juncture in its development and we need to pursue opportunities for new funding streams and capital and revenue grants to move the project forward. We are looking for someone who has proven experience in obtaining government and philanthropic grants, developing alternative fundraising programmes, such as crowd-funding and community shares, as well as other revenue streams. We invite candidates with an entrepreneurial flair in securing income and raising funds.

The role is there for you to shape. Any extensions to the working hours, pay and length of contract will be partly dependent on your ability to secure the future financial sustainability of Homebaked. We hope that it will develop into a more long-term role and for you to become an indispensable member of the CLT team. We envisage you will be able to grow and shape the role as Homebaked itself develops – having always evolved organically from the grassroots through the vision and commitment of passionate people.

Essential attributes:

Fundraising and financial management skills;
Organisational development and business planning skills;
A proven self-starter, who takes the initiative and can grow an organisation;
An ability to think innovatively, strategically and operationally;
An engaging communicator, able to demonstrate an ability to get on with a wide variety of people;
Good writing and presentation skills;
Educated to degree level or equivalent post education experience;
An understanding of the needs, frustrations and aspirations of the Anfield area.

Desirable attributes:

A background in development project management, housing, regeneration or social action;
An understanding of how communities, creativity and art play a role in regeneration;
An interest in mutual, collaborative, community-led and co-operative models of ownership and development;
An ability to think both ‘outside the box’ and ‘on your feet’;
Excitement about getting stuck into a challenging community development project.

Application process

To apply for the role, please send your CV, letter of application and references to Paul.1.kelly@btinternet.com by Sunday 10th December 2017.

We would ideally like the role to begin in early 2018, with interviews to be held before Christmas, in the weeks commencing 11th and 18th December. Please state your availability for interview in your letter of application.

You should explain what interests you about the role, why you are the best person for the job, and how your skills and experience will help us deliver our vision, with direct reference to the role attributes.

For more info about Homebaked, please visit our website: http://www.homebaked.org.uk/

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Putting the Home in Homebaked - Open House Event

jan. '18
We are very proud and happy to announce that following many months of planning, sweat, dust and creativity the flat above Homebaked bakery is nearly ready for the first tenants to move in. Before they do we would love you to come and visit, have a tour and celebrate with us.

Please join us on Saturday, 27th of January, 2018 between 12noon and 2pm at 197a Oakfield Rd, L4 0UF.

We will offer refreshments.

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oct. '17
We would love to celebrate the opening of HOMESQUARE - a public square built with love for everyone who visits our high street - with you!

Sunday, 29th, 2-6pm. Official ribbon cutting ceremony at 3pm.

There will be lovely food, chats and games, family workshops building bird houses and planters, back alley bowling, face painting, planting activities, time to meet and chat and (for the ones who dare and care) sing some KARAOKE!

Please join in and invite friends and family.

After a busy and eventful summer the Homebaked CLT trainees have finished their work on the public square next to our block. We have called it Homesquare (or alternatively Hometurf!). It is a place for locals and visitors to stop and enjoy a little oasis of nature, calm and company right on our high street. It will also be a venue for any workshops and activities that you would like to use it for in the future.

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Free workshop series: Knitting and crocheting with recycled materials

oct. '17
Homebaked and Collective/North West Design Work offer free places on a workshop series making beautiful objects, such as hanging chairs and planters out of unwanted household materials. You will learn about design and acquire basic skills in knitting and crocheting.

5 workshops, start date: Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017, 12 - 2pm
Place: The Old Post Office, 34 County Road, L4 3QH, Walton

Free admission, no prior knowledge or skills needed!

For more information and to book your space, please contact
Silvia on getinvolved@homebaked.org.uk

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The Power of the Pie - Independent Liverpool

nov. '17
Our friends at Independent Liverpool recently wrote some very nice words about us. Read them here...

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Homebaked in the Guardian

jun. '17
'This is not about gentrification’: the pie shop reviving an Anfield street

As Liverpool FC’s Anfield stadium gleams in the April sunshine, the abandoned, steel-shuttered houses cowering in its shadow serve as a poignant reminder of the impact developments can have on their host communities.

But in the unassuming bakery at the end of the terrace lies the heart of a movement working to transform this run-down area back into the vibrant neighbourhood residents remember.

The Homebaked cooperative bakery is in prime position to sell pies to some of the 40,000 football fans who come to the Anfield stadium on an average match day. What its customers might not realise is that in the back room of the Victorian premises a group of locals have cooked up a plan to transform the empty properties next door into 26 high-quality, affordable flats....

Read the full article at https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2017/apr/19/gentrification-liverpool-anfield-football-stadium-affordable-homes-cooperative-bakery-community

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Homebaked, in Ethos Magazine

jun. '17
Homes and Pies

On March 10th 2017, Homebaked Co-operative Bakery won five awards at the British Pie Awards, including a Gold for its Scouse Pie. Not bad for a bakery that launched less than five years ago and almost didn’t launch at all.

The building where the bakery and café now sits, had been a local institution since it opened in 1903, and later became famous with fans visiting Anfield who called it, ‘the Pie Shop’. It had closed as a local residents, and local customers, were forced out of the area during the Housing Market Renewal Initiative (HMRI). Like much of the area, the building had been designated to be demolished along with 1,800 other homes and shops. It was the biggest loss of housing and commercial properties in the country as a result of HMRI.

HMRI was a New Labour Initiative, which was launched by then Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott in 2002 as a way to clear swatches of what the market considered low value housing, and replace it with new houses which would in turn increase the appeal of areas and the values of houses. Anfield and Everton were the two areas where HMRI would wreck it’s wrecking ball in the city. HMRI, along with a series of failed master plans for the area and a football unsure of whether they will move ground or not, had a devastating effect on the areas. Many houses – large terraces and family homes – ended up ‘tinned-up’. One-by-one on historic streets, sending the area into a slow decline. The threat of CPO’s forced families, some of whom had owned their homes for generations to remortgage and take out new loans to buy new homes elsewhere – away from the place they call home. The area lost many of its people, and with it, large parts of its identity.....

Read the full article at https://ethos-magazine.com/2017/05/home-and-pies/

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