Homebaked is located in the Anfield/Breckfield area, North Liverpool, opposite Liverpool Football Club’s famous Kop stand.  The neighbourhood is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year, and is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Liverpool.

Our immediate area was one of those designated for demolition under the former Housing Market Renewal Initiative.

The neighbourhood was made up of residential terraced streets, many of which were earmarked for clearance and emptied.  Since the regeneration scheme stalled in 2008, streets upon streets have stood boarded up for years, waiting for demolition.

The high street used to offer a variety of independent local shops but has, in recent years, fallen into decline and now largely consists of fast food outlets catering to match-day visitors.  

During this time Liverpool Football Club has twice changed ownership and for over 15 years remained undecided as to whether to extend their existing stadium or build a new one in Stanley Park.

For people living locally this has been a very difficult period. We have had our hopes repeatedly raised and then dashed by promises of regeneration which have been slow to materialise. Especially for those who have had to give up their home, or their business, these have been hard times.

Many houses have been demolished in the past few months and new housing is being built in their stead. The current local government. in partnership with other stakeholders, is developing a new scheme ‘The Anfield Project’ which proposes to finally improve the situation for this area.

We think that it is essential that this community takes an active part in this renewal and holds some of the assets and businesses in community ownership, making sure that a significant proportion of the financial and social value produced in our neighbourhood remains in the area.

Latest News

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    THE RETURN OF THE THING ON THE REC – a local summer festival on the old recreation ground behind Homebaked bakery. 10 – 17 July 2016 The Thing on the Rec is back with a series of events, featuring outdoor cinema screenings, the great North Liverpool Bake-Off, crazy golf and great food. See full programme […]

  • A bit of Vintage – Homebaked at Hobo Bazaar

    -1 It was a very crisp morning on Saturday, and a familiar face was already there waiting outside the bakery. Arthur, one of our regulars, was volunteering that day to help do some work in the garden, and not long after I had opened up, Stephan and Nicky had arrived to start their day. Though […]

  • Cake Club: Baking Stories

    We like telling stories here at Homebaked. In their purest sense, stories are something nice to share with friends and family – fond bits of nostalgia and anecdotes, cautionary tales or funny memories. Taking it a bit deeper than that, stories are what keep us going, keep us alive; if the stories keep being told […]

  • Homecinema: Go Greased Lightnin’!

    As part of our Return of the Thing at the Rec event, we had our first Homecinema showing. Organised by Matt, who is the brother of our volunteer Beth, it was a fabulous event and one we’re going to be doing again in the future. Matt is a student and has a keen interest in […]

  • Afternoon Tea on the Rec

    Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry for the delay in new posts, but we’ve been really busy at Homebaked. From events, to markets, to just general hustle & bustle at the cafe, there’s been plenty going on. As you probably know, we held our second event on the rec – The […]

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