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Cake Club: Baking Stories

27 September


We like telling stories here at Homebaked. In their purest sense, stories are something nice to share with friends and family – fond bits of nostalgia and anecdotes, cautionary tales or funny memories. Taking it a bit deeper than that, stories are what keep us going, keep us alive; if the stories keep being told that is.

Last night’s Cake Club ended up being a very memorable one, and I think a lot of that was to do with the theme – “Cakes With A Story”.

Having worked our stall at the Momentum Conference (see our twitter for more on this!) during the day, and, admittedly, not being that much of a baker, I didn’t bring a cake, or a story, but I felt very welcomed by familiar faces of some of Cake Club ladies – both Graces, Diana, Cathy, Sue, and Hannah.


The theme, as always with Cake Club, is one that can be interpreted however the baker chooses. We had literal stories, in the form of Diana’s “Persuasion”-inspired ‘Book Cake’, family and childhood memories from Grace’s Snowballs and Sue’s Scones, and even some romance was in the air, courtesy of Cathy, who had brought in a Coffee & Walnut cake, which is her husband’s favourite, because it was their wedding anniversary.
As well as these, we had a tea cake from Grace, who had literally just come back from her holiday in Greece, so made what she considered a ‘quick’ and ‘simple’ bake (be that as it may, it was still delicious!), and also a ginger cake brought in by Hannah’s friend, who was sadly unable to tend due to a work commitment.


As the night progressed, the stories that inspired the cakes sparked off other memories and tales. Musing with Diana about loving reading so much we both read the entire books instead of “just one chapter” in school, Grace and Cathy talking about their love of Greece and the ‘orange cake that comes after a meal’, when you’ve already had way too much to eat, and even just simple jokes and talking about our days can be considered stories in their own way – inspired by a love of cake and good company.


If you haven’t been to Cake Club, I really do encourage you to join us on the next one.
It’s going to be on the 28th of November, so as not to clash with Halloween, and the theme is currently ‘Christmas’, though that may change.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a novice or an expert, or simply just somebody who enjoys cake and a nice evening chatting with new people. You may turn up as a stranger, but believe me, you’ll leave as friends and with fond stories of your own – even if it’s just about what cake you tried that evening!


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