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Afternoon Tea on the Rec

03 August

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
I’m sorry for the delay in new posts, but we’ve been really busy at Homebaked. From events, to markets, to just general hustle & bustle at the cafe, there’s been plenty going on.

As you probably know, we held our second event on the rec – The Return of the Thing at the Rec – and it was spread across four days this time, instead of one. As so much happened, I’ll be breaking up the blog posts and sharing them with you individually instead, so you can really get a feel for what went on – or, have a nice reminder, if you were there!

Afternoon Tea
One Sunday, the rec was the setting for a wonderful high tea event. We were busy preparing everything in the Homebaked kitchen, ready to start serving our lovely neighbours at 2pm.






We had goats cheese tarts, bruschetta, finger sandwiches, jam and clotted cream scones, chocolate brownies and even delicious ‘mocktails’, all freshly prepared by our chefs and volunteers.


Britt wheels out our Homefarm trolleys, ready to be loaded up with goodies, as well as micro herbs and greenhouses, which people then took away to grow at home!


As our guests started to arrive, we brought the food and drinks out, all accompanied by some wonderful music!






Our resident artists were there, sketching the event and illustrating peoples’ memories, stories and wishes for the Rec.
Here you can see one of our regulars, Arthur, telling them his idea for a new local pub.



Conversations were had, and people of the community came together to talk about the Rec, and what they want to see happen to it as time goes on. There were some wonderful suggestions – a sports area for kids, a pond and garden to attract birds, frogs and other wildlife, and even the idea of hosting dog shows was mentioned!


(Much to this little guest’s delight!)


The sun kept shining throughout, and it was a lovely introduction to our ‘Return of the Thing of the Rec’ events.
We’re so thankful to everybody who took the time to visit, and we are glad you enjoyed the food, atmosphere and good company!


Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts about this fantastic event, coming soon!

(Photo credit: Mark Loudon.)

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