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A bit of Vintage – Homebaked at Hobo Bazaar

04 October

-1 It was a very crisp morning on Saturday, and a familiar face was already there waiting outside the bakery. Arthur, one of our regulars, was volunteering that day to help do some work in the garden, and not long after I had opened up, Stephan and Nicky had arrived to start their day.
Though it was cold, everyone was in great spirits. A good, typical day for Homebaked.

Myself and Rob, our volunteer co-ordinator, were heading down to the Baltic Triangle, to man our stall at Hobo Bazaar Fleamarket. It was Rob’s first event, and as we were packing the car with bread, scones and pies, he was telling me how excited he was to take part in it. Having known of Hobo Bazaar and the unique vintage fairs they put on for a while, so was I!

A few confusing road detours later, and we were there, just before the rain started, setting up in the warehouse for a promising day.

Other stalls setting up for the day ahead.

And here we are, surrounded by signs left over from an Oktoberfest event.

Luke arrived just before the market opened to the public, with fresh pies, hot out the oven. Shankly, Scouse, Mushroom & Brandy and Vegetable Curry all ready to go.

The first pie sale of the day is a success, with the customer returning to buy himself another, calling our pies ‘divine’. Definitely high praise!

As people start curiously wandering into the fleamarket, we try to tempt their sweet tooths with our scones, baked fresh that morning by David, and Cathy’s delicious coffee and walnut cake.

(Which had already been noticed by some of the other vendors at the market!)

The day was accompanied by a fabulous playlist – music from the 50s and 60s, which Rob enjoyed, particularly his favourites Creedance Clearwater Revival. It was a fitting accompaniment to an eclectic, vintage market like Hobo Bazaar!

While Rob mans the stall, I have a little wander around to speak to other vendors and see what they had on offer.

It doesn’t take long before I have my eye on something…

The unique decor is Hobo Bazaar’s trademark. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s fascinating just to walk around and have a look at the art and wares on sale.

Though, the selection of items is so varied and unique, it’s hard to not find something you might like!

Back at the stall, a quick selfie!

And Rob chats to people about what we do.

The conversations are a huge part of why we love doing events like this – it’s always so lovely to really chat to people outside of a busy cafe setting about what Homebaked is, what we do, and why we do it. Not to mention getting menu suggestions from matchday regulars who have turned up at the market by chance, and can’t wait to come back to the cafe for the next game!

We loan out our extension plug to a fellow vendor, to test out whether this record player worked – it did!

As the day drew on, the rain started to bucket it down, and we had to call it a day ourselves. We packed up the pie warmer back into the car, with any left over pies going to be sold back at the bakery, and made our way back to Nicky and Stephan. They’d had a good day themselves.

All in all, a success, and a market we’d be glad to take part in again in the future!

(Plus I came home with this.)

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for news of any future markets or events, and the next Hobo Bazaar fleamarket!

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